MOZES (Meadows Ozone Energy Services Limited)


It is:

The Meadows Community owned Energy Company

Taking responsiblity for future Energy Needs of
The Meadows


The History:

Since 2003 The Meadows Partnership Trust and a number of other organisations have been working with the local community to identify ways of addressing the long standing social and economic problems associated with the Meadows, a mainly residential area of Nottingham, containing approximately 3800 homes, commercial and other properties.

This work led to the idea of a community ESCO, to be developed as a social enterprise to take forward these objectives. (An ESCO is an Energy Services Company)

A Steering Group to develop this proposal was established, with representation from The Meadows Partnership Trust, National Energy Action, Nottingham City Council; Nottingham Energy Partnership, Residents Associations, the Voluntary Sector, Alan Simpson MP and the Local Councillor.

During 2007 the Steering Group, with funding assistance provided by DEFRA and NEA, commissioned Brodies LLP, a law firm with considerable expertise in advising ESCO development, to undertake a study which sought to establish the overall feasibility of a community ESCO for the Meadows. As a result of this, MOZES was born!!

MOZES became an incorporated company in October 2009.


The objectives of MOZES are to carry on the business of design, construction, operation, supply and procurement of sustainable energy, waste and other utility services and facilities; the provision of training and skills development; the provision of volunteering and employment opportunites; and the provision of advice, grants and loans in relation to any of the foregoing and shall include the following:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the Meadows
  • Enabling the Meadows to become a place of experimentation and innovation in the development and deployment of sustainable energy related technologies
  • Enabling the Meadows to become self-sufficient in its energy use, and then to become an energy generating community
  • Enabling the Residents of the Meadows, and then other areas, to access affordable energy
  • Contributing to the Community and Economic Development of the Meadows

If you would like to become a member of MOZES, or would like further information, please contact us, contact information can be found on the MOZES website.


In October 2009 £100,000 was won for the Meadows. Almost 100 projects from around the UK applied for the British Gas Green Streets initiative and the Meadows was one of the 14 winning projects across the UK. The money was used on energy efficiency measures, to provide renewable energy installations, such as solar panels, and insulation to 20 of the most vulnerable houses in the Old Meadows.

The project was very successful and we made it to the final 3 for the chance to win a further £100,000; sadly we came second.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the project and made it such a success.

Low Carbon Communities Challenge

In December 2009, MOZES, in partnership with British Gas, won £500,000 for The Meadows from DECC. This money paid for the installation of solar panels on 55 three-bedroom houses, made up of social housing, low income owner-occupier houses and 10 privately owned houses. Also benefiting from solar panels were Greenfields, Riverside and Welbeck Primary Schools and Arkwright Meadows Community Garden, where a solar panel was fitted to provide heat for a polytunnel where organic vegetables are grown.


National Energy Action

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP)