Success Stories


The CLEAN way to Employment (18-24 SiTW Project)
A young man have been unemployed for a couple of months and was referred into the Step into Work Programme by DWP/Futures.  The young man has always had a good history of work, but due to health problems, this restricted his ability to acquire employment.  He lives with his partner and two young children.  His partner was claiming incolme support.  It was important for him to find a stable job which would financially benefit himself, his partner and two children more so than receiving state benefits.

He lacked self-confidence and motivation for various reasons and was unable to complete application forms.  With the help of his advisor he explored a number of opportunities available to him.  One of these opportunities was the sector based work academies (sbwa's) for the Cleaning industry.  He was referred to Amethyst Learn Direct where he undertook a basic skills assessment to assess his levels of literacy and numeracy.  He also had an information, advice and guidance session with a qualified advisor to help him in setting targets and achieve his goals.

He then began a two week pre-employment course which involved customer service and personal development followed by a pre-screening for cleaning vacancies at QMC.  He had an interview, got the job and started work on the 15th June 2015.  Once he had been inforned that he had been successful in his experience, he had an interview at Meadows Advice Group for a better off calculation, which demonstrated that it would be more financially beneficial for him to work and claim Working Tax Credits.  He also received a months bus pass through Sustrans Travel Grant Scheme to help save costs in the first month.

Quote from Client: " Thanks to the Step into Work Programme, it it wasn't for the one to one support I would have still been out of work and claiming benefits"

A young lady had moved from Liverpool to The Meadows.  She had experience of bar work, but not experience of working in an admin position.  Support was given to this young lady with:

  • Reviewing CV
  • Support with job searching
  • Support with numberous applicaitons for trainee admin posts
  • Set up work experience with Working Links as a receptionist
  • Support with job application to Nottingham City Homes Apprenticeships Scheme
  • Support with interview techniques
  • Functional skills assessment

The client is now in employment and continuing to receive support.  The key factors for the success is: