Covering Letter Tips



  • Always put your name and address in the top right hand corner of the letter first.

  • Follow this by the name and address of the person you are writing to two lines down on the left hand side of the letter.

  • Back on the right hand side of the letter put the days date.

  • Two lines down on the left hand side of the letter do a quick reference to what the letter contains. Typically this is done as follows: "RE: Position of Cat Food Taster."

  • Now address the letter again using the person's name, e.g. Dear Mr B O'problem. If there is some confusion about the title of the person you are writing to you can always phone up and ask who you are sending the letter to. This is also a good opportunity to find out more about the job and the company it is with.

  • Next should follow one simple sentence along the lines of "Please find enclosed a copy of my CV for the position of Tony Blair Impersonator that is currently available".

  • After this a short paragraph should follow containing a brief description of your experiences at a similar job and characteristics that will prove useful in the job you are applying for."

  • Now start a new paragraph that reads something like "I look Forward to your reply, if there is any more information on my background you wish to know please do not hesitate to contact me."

  • End the letter with "Yours sincerely" on the left hand sign leave three or four  spaces underneath this and then type your name.

  • Now sign your name above where you type your name.