Reception (Receptionist)

Janet Byard is our Receptionist at One Stop Shop.

I was a local resident until recently, when I moved to Clifton under the Decommisioning Programme in the Meadows.  I volunteered for Meadows Partnership Trust for a year, before becoming the receptionist on a permanent basis.

I am involved with local groups, such as Meadows Association of Diabetics, NEMTRA and Guides and I have worked with other residents on the Nobel Road Estate in Clifton to set up a new Tenants and Residents Associaiton, Friends of Nobel Road.

Reception contact details:

Tel: 0115 9150077


Volunteer Receptionist

Melissa Ryan is our volunteer receptionist, who helps Janet and also takes charge of our reception when Janet is out of the office.  Melissa lives in Clifton and is dedicated and professional.